MT DOJ Issues Two Phone Scam Alerts

  • Department of Corrections Warrant Scam
  • IRS Scam

The Office of Consumer Protection at the Montana Department of Justice wants to alert the public to two different phone scams happening in Montana and other parts of the country:


Citizens are receiving calls from scammers telling them that the Department of Corrections has issued an arrest warrant for them, and that they will go to jail if they don’t call the number provided.  Callers are telling prospective victims that they will text them payment directions and that the victims owe several hundreds of dollars.  The caller goes on to threaten prospective victims with jail by the end of the business day if they do not pay.  The scammers use extremely aggressive tactics, including telling prospective victims that the phone call is being recorded, as well as stating that the arrest warrants are ready to be forwarded and if they don’t follow the texted directions to their phone number on how to pay, that they will go to jail. Continue reading

A Mysterious Condition Called Narcolepsy

Narcolepsy has long been one of those conditions that people who aren’t around it don’t understand. In the video below, you can see a woman who has the condition. In the video, a woman was filming a dance instruction video when she fell to the ground and, after a moment sitting there, face-planted forward into a deep sleep. A few seconds later, she was awake but struggled to remain alert.

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HGTV Series to Film First Season In Montana

HGTVThe Montana Department of Commerce’s Montana Film Office announced today that the latest HGTV series, “Living Big Sky” will film twelve 30-minute episodes throughout the state of Montana in the coming year.

Produced by Orion Entertainment out of Denver, Colo. the series will feature a new family in each episode seeking to purchase a home in a Montana town. Following the families through their journey, “Living Big Sky” will display Montana’s towns, lifestyle, landscapes and family friendly hospitality to an international audience.

The Montana Film Office began assisting with the pilot last year and provided locations, logistics and permitting assistance for the series. The two-part pilot episode, which premiered in August on HGTV, followed both the Gentry and the Ricci families as they searched for new starts in Bozeman and Big Fork. Continue reading

Scammers Targeting Some NW Energy Customers

NorthWestern Energy customers are still being targeted by scammers trying to collect fictional overdue utility bills.

Lodging establishments are the most recent targets of the ongoing scam activity reported in Missoula, Billings and likely other communities, according to a news release from NorthWestern Energy.

One Missoula lodging establishment reported paying the scammers $3,000 in the last few days. At least a half-dozen lodging businesses have reported receiving suspicious collection calls in the same period.

The phone callers typically seek immediate payment of “overdue” utility bills, often demanding credit-card numbers or other form of payment that can be quickly converted to cash. In recent incidents, callers have asked for prepaid debit cards issued by retailers, payment via PayPal or other form of payment that prevents recovery of money by scam victims.

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An Interview With New UMW Chancellor, Beth Weatherby

New UMW Chancellor, Beth Weatherby

New UMW Chancellor, Beth Weatherby

Lee interviewed UMW’s new Chancellor, Beth Weatherby.

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Montanans Win Prestigious Conservation Award For Grayling Restoration

A group of Montanans who helped lead conservation and restoration projects in the Big Hole River Valley in southwestern Montana were among those who recently won the prestigious Ernest Thompson Seton Award for leadership in promoting the benefits of scientific fish and wildlife management.

Although the award is traditionally bestowed on one individual, group or agency, this year the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies honored two state agencies, five federal agencies, four private groups and more than 30 landowners who entered Candidate Conservation Agreement with Assurances contracts. Each played a role in the long-term program to restore Arctic grayling in the Big Hole River.

Montana’s Big Hole River Arctic grayling population had been under consideration for a federal Endangered Species Act listing for more than 20 years. In August, however, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the Upper Missouri River’s distinct population segment of the Arctic grayling doesn’t need ESA protection. The USFWS reached its conclusion after examining the results of conservation efforts carried out by private landowners, local organizations, and federal and state agencies that worked to improve conditions for Arctic grayling in the Big Hole River. Continue reading

Weatherman’s Opponent Seeks Equal Radio Time

A Billings lawmaker whose demand for equal time cost his challenger his job as a weatherman on a local radio station is now seeking equal time from a Miles City radio station where Democrat John Pulasky delivers the weather several times a day.

The Billings Gazette reports ( ) Republican Rep. Clayton Fiscus is asking KATL for air time equal to that spent by Pulasky when he gives weather reports — just under 10 minutes per day.

KATL station manager Donald Richard says Billings isn’t part of the area in which the station provides city-grade service and he won’t grant Fiscus’ request.

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